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Maintaining Your Diamond Jewelry

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They say that diamonds are a girls’ best friend, then you would have to care for your bestfriend right? It’s so great to have beautiful diamond jewelry which you can use for special and formal occasions.  Although, diamonds are hard stones, it is still important to care for them to avoid any kind of scratches or damage.

Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for your precious stones.

• It is best to avoid wearing your diamonds or gave them stained with oil, beaching liquid, or whenever you are doing heavy work.  These may affect the lustre of your stone, metal bands and may even damage the texture.  Bleach and other chemicals may discolour the metal bands.

• When keeping or storing your diamonds, separate it from other jewelries.  It may scratch your other stones.  Keep your diamonds individually packed since it can also be scratched by another diamond.  If you cannot provide a box or you would have to store your jewelry in one box, then you could use cloth pouches or plastic sealing bags to keep them separately.  Just make sure that the jewels are perfectly dry to avoid any moisture formation.

• Diamond settings need to be checked.  You could take it to your favourite jeweller every year to check on the prong or the settings.  If they are loose, then your jeweller could make repairs immediately.  You could take it every six months to the jeweller, some would have their stones checked yearly.

• Clean your diamond jewelry every month.  Its shine and brilliance could get affected by the oils and fats that it is exposed to.  The oils and fats could be from your skin or from your cosmetics.  You could always get a professional to clean it for you.

• You could cleanse your jewelry at home.  Just drop it in tepid water with some liquid soap and brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.   Use a strainer when taking it out of the water to make sure that you are not losing any stone.  Rinse it carefully with lukewarm water and dry it. Make sure to completely dry it since water could tarnish the bands and weaken the clasps.

• You could get ammonia mixture cleansers from your jeweller.

• Aside from bleach, chemicals and fats, extreme temperatures can also be harmful to your jewelry.  It could cause some damage on the jewel’s cement or can fracture the gemstones.

• Avoid wearing your diamond jewelries when participating in sport activities or swimming.

• Diamonds that were altered may need a different kind of care.  There are some diamond jewelries that have undergone treatment.  There are some stones that have been fractured before and were treated with epoxies.  Epoxies could melt in intense heat and eventually cause your diamond to fracture again. You could ask your trusted jeweller if your diamond jewelries have been altered in any way.

Always keep in mind that your diamond jewelries are indeed the hardest stone, but it does not mean that they will be able to last forever given that you are not taking care of it properly.  Proper caring would surely make the shine last for a long time, even forever.

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