Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crime Free Village in India

At a time when spiralling crime graph is a matter of concern for the Uttar Pradesh -a province of India - Police, a small village on the Bhadohi - Varanasi Road here has set a record of sorts by not reporting even a single case of crime in the past 50 years.

Residents of Chandi-Sona village leave their houses unlocked while going out or even during nights.

According to Chauri police station, about two km from the village, there is little to worry about the village having a population of about 1500, as no case has been reported from there in the past over 50 years.

Village head (Gram Pradhan in Hindi) Chinta Devi said, "There is absolute 'Ram Rajya' in the village where people of different castes and creeds live in peace and tranquility.

"The only concern for us is to guard our belongings from stray animals," Chinta Devi said, adding all residents were by and large dependent on agriculture and happy with their lives.

The villagers thank the Gram Devi (village goddess) installed just outside the village for the peace prevailing in Chandi-Sona.

Seventy-year old Shitla Prasad of the village claim that, "Once thieves, who had struck at some houses kept moving about the village all through the night but failed to find the way out and were nabbed in the morning".

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